Four Predictions For Marketing Software In 2022

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The past two years have presented a whirlwind of innovation for marketing automation technologies. Companies began to invest their time, creativity and total bandwidth into researching and building strategic and top-notch products that converge digital marketing and marketing automation into a concept that is now the same.

Leading Phonexa through the pandemic has taught me that the tech world will never be the same, but that’s a good thing. I learned that we would continue to experience accelerated growth in digitization and automation in marketing, and this trend will only continue to expand across the board.

With the urgency to be proactive in the future of technology, here are a few things you should look out for ahead of 2022.

Bundled Marketing Solutions That Mirror The All-In-One Model 

Earlier this summer, we launched our all-in-one marketing automation solution. We knew it would be the very beginning of a new era for marketing software and automation because companies from different industries have shifted their focus to providing more significant variants of software solutions that offer smart add-ons and other functionalities.

Google and Adobe have mastered providing a suite of products and solutions and are the blueprint for what a complete suite looks like. I believe the all-in-one, end-to-end marketing software trend will continue to grow in 2022 and beyond because clients and consumers are looking for value more than ever today.

A Rise In Conversational Marketing

The pandemic has undoubtedly moved all marketers toward full-scale efficiency and further forced the hand in creating streamlined processes for customer-agent interactions. Indeed, I predict we’ll see a growth in automated software that will simplify the process by giving more prominence to the customer journey through intelligent software to conduct conversational marketing.

The latter is a unique marketing tool that can guide a prospective customer through the sales funnel by carrying out real-time conversations using AI-powered chatbots and interactive voice response integrations. When a user makes their journey to a brand’s site, they’ll have instant access to chat with a bot that will react accordingly to each inquiry through prespecified conversation flows.

Email Boom With Personalized Approach And Video Integration

With a 36-to-1 return on investment, according to a report by Litmus, email is the most efficient and effective marketing method retailers use across different industries. However, despite a high ROI, the Litmus study shows that users are more inclined to engage with an email campaign when it includes personalized messaging and is highlighted by interactive content such as videos or in-email surveys.

I believe this trend will prompt email marketing arms to offer innovative email automation software that will be personalized and include video-in-email and other interactive content with CTAs.

AI Everywhere

It’s not breaking news that artificial intelligence is everywhere. Still, AI will reach new heights in the next year as many software companies begin to implement it in every aspect of marketing technology. From conversational IVR to language modeling to AI in voice search applications, I believe bots will get closer to attempting a complete takeover of some of the most time-consuming marketing practices.

Final Thoughts

There are people and businesses who set trends in tech, and then there are those who follow them.

To be the former, you must always be proactive and innovative when creating the next and newest marketing software. Always ensure that you’re actively listening to what solutions your target audiences require and need. When you have your users, clients and prospective partners at the forefront of your innovation, you will create a product you’re proud of — one that can make all the difference in your industry and for your clients.

Brainstorming shouldn’t come only at the end or beginning of a year or when you have free time but early and often. Success is the byproduct of meticulous planning and a drive to solve problems that seem impossible to do.


This article is written by David Gasparyan and originally published here